Berend de Boer available as contractor


My name is Berend de Boer. You might occasionally have seen my name in The Delphi Magazine. I'm an independent contractor available for a variety of jobs, ranging from coding to doing technical architecture and software engineering improvements.

For example you might have a Delphi application that uses a Paradox database that you want to convert to using InterBase or FireBird. Or a Windows application that must be transformed into a web application.

These are the jobs that are ideally suited to hand-over to a contractor. If we can agree on a fixed price, you know up front what you will pay. References available upon request.

I'm available for Delphi programming or other contracting jobs. I've been doing this for a long time, since 1996. My detailed resume shows the technologies I've worked with and am familiar with.

I'm not only interested in the technical side of writing complex software, but also in the software engineering side of it: how to write software with a reliable outcome and how to do it in such a way that a large number of programmers can work together productively. I have much experience with building large, n-tier programs within productive and quality-focused teams.

Working with your team to increase its skills in the process of writing software is usually a more hands-on job and can't be done remotely. I live in South Auckland (Manukau), New Zealand, so in such cases you should be physically near. But for many other programming jobs, that's not a requirement. I have had many customers I have never met! I can offer you very competitive rates for any Delphi (SQL, Eiffel, ...) programming job you want me to tackle.

Interested? Email me. I look forward to work with you!