I've created an Emacs Xplain mode: xplain-mode.el. This brings you Xplain aware editing with syntax high-lighting.

Eiffel stuff

I've written some extensions to the Eiffel emacs mode that make it work better with Gobo. Use this Emacs file to load and configure the Eiffel mode.


I've created an Emacs Guido Music Notation mode: guido-mode.el.

ConTeXt mode (obsolete)

ConTeXt support is now integrated with AUCTeX. I'm maintaining and supporting this part of AUCTeX. I suggest you start using AUCTeX instead of downloading and using the package below.

In case you do not want to install AUCTEX, you can still use my ConTeXt Emacs mode: context.el. This mode extends tex-mode.el with ConTeXt specific features. See the context.README file for installation instructions and Emacs tips.